We have long awaited news to share with you all. Most of you have been drawn in by our illustrations, created by design leads JimboBox and IRONPINKY; however we'd like to share details about the pioneering utilities that OVERBORNE will feature.

We have been in the space for a while now. As far as we are aware, no other Project is going to go to the lengths and hold themselves accountable to the standards that we will. We’re here to innovate, to bring something new and truly valuable to our Holders; so we’re not stopping at high caliber art. We’re introducing something new to the table; and that’s Dynamic NFTs.

What is a Dynamic NFT?

Simply put, a Dynamic NFT changes and evolves based on the actions you take. Our NFTs will be able to update their image and metadata fluidly. Inspired by classic video game design, we’ve introduced a leveling and trait unlock system to NFTs, while also retaining all the more traditional functionalities that NFTs offer.

There are a few core concepts to introduce:

× Leveling System
× Trait Unlocks
× Inventory System
× Stat System

XP + Leveling System

We want to reward both buyers and Holders equally, and have integrated these strategies into our core Leveling system. XP can be gained by sending your Hollow on a mission, (low-gas staking), or by the tokens ETH value going up. We accomplish this by scraping the blockchain for transactions, and rewarding XP proportionate to the value increase of the tokens.

Buyers get an instant return on investment in the form of XP, and Holders get a constant return on investment by their Hollows passively getting stronger. These two strategies make up the core concept of XP acquisition and also propagate innate value and buying pressure within the NFTs. When coupled with our more traditional NFT functionalities, we believe this will make for sustainable long term worth.

Trait Unlocks

Acquiring XP boosts your Hollows level and provides it with stat points as well as trait unlocks at level milestones. This is where the dynamic, evolving aspect comes into play. Holders will be able to customize their Hollow on the fly, utilizing the traits they’ve unlocked to change their Hollows appearance. Unlocked traits will also play a role in the rarity of individual Hollows, potentially boosting their rarity ranking within the collection.

Inventory + Stat Point System

All Hollows will have an inventory which stores the traits they’ve unlocked. Your arsenal of equipment will be available to change your Hollows stats and appearance. Hollows will also have SP (stat points) available from leveling up which they can allocate to their Hollows stat values.

Holder Exclusive Apparel Benefits

Holders will have exclusive access to designs, drops, and discounts on OVERBORNE apparel. These exclusive benefits put the real world value of OVERBORNE tokens at much higher than the estimated cost of mint.

While the brand aspect of the project alone is enough to carry the value of the tokens; the Staking and Selling Mechanics, Dynamic NFTs, XP, Leveling, Trait Unlocks, Inventory, being backed by art industry professionals, and having some of the best art in the space is only a bonus to this.

These Utilities will be launched in Phases, and will not be immediately available on mint date.

Okay, so we’ve completely changed the NFT meta, what next?

While we value being at the forefront of developing what NFTs are capable of, and the roles they can play in our lives, our roots are traditional. The only difference is; we mean it. Our founders have a background in apparel, where we’re currently leading the modern anime streetwear industry.

We plan to bring this experience in apparel to our Holders, with a quality that the space is unfamiliar with. Owning a Hollow will act as a pass to accessing Holder exclusive streetwear as well as discounts on mainstream items. This, coupled with a music album and exclusive access to holder lounges within our Discord, completes the culture we are aiming to create.

OVERBORNE will be its own separate world, as well as a lifestyle within ours. We plan on doing it right, in a way that others have failed or postponed for far too long.

Simply put, we’re next.

Project & Mint Details

(overborne); overcome by emotional pressure or physical force.